Professional Drug Screening Services Inc.

Case Study: Edwards Inc

Jeff Smith

Edwards, Inc. is a full-service industrial general contractor providing construction, fabrication, and crane services. We serve a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, food processing, wood and paper products, textiles, general manufacturing, agriculture, and nuclear power generation throughout North America.

Challenges/Pain Points

  1. Spread out workforce
  2. Poor testing protocol
  3. Liability for poor testing, wrongful termination
  4. Specific to Contracting business.
    • The National Construction Management group requires a “Good Guy letter”, and privacy is a concern when disclosing information. They require a TPA to certify the process and standard.
    • High rate of substance abuse, but wants to keep people

What matters to you in a TPA?

  1. Small, accessible team
  2. Ownership of the solution
  3. Staff available for personal touch and support

Customer Quote:

“Quick thinking by PDSS saved the day, including dealing with test facility issues. Melanie and her team saved us possibly in excess of $65,000 in liability damages, before fines and fees.”

Jeff Smith

PDSS Solution

  1. Customized for our needs.
  2. Embedded in our company, full partnership.
  3. PDSS is handling it, end of discussion. Full trust.


  1. Protecting the business against a wrongful termination, unemployment hearing, PDSS walked down the bulletproof process, during the appeal process PDSS was able to give full documentation and evidence to show proper procedure.
  2. About once a year we have a positive case, and our executives believe in a second chance. PDSS operates and manages the back to work program, fit for duty process. This results in rehabilitation rather than termination.