Professional Drug Screening Services Inc.

Case Study: Parker Stockstill

Ashley Myers

Director, Environmental, Health, and Safety

Client Goals

  • Comply with requirements for their key energy sector client.

  • Make sense of federal and state safety regulations.

  • Comply with DOT, FMCSA and PHMSA regulations

Challenges/Pain Points

  • No Medical Review Officer
  • No Lab relationships
  • Lack of experience in drug screening
  • No defined process and policies for drug screening
  • Audit: Out of compliance
  • Poor previous Safety Compliance Contractor

What matters to Parker Stockstill when choosing a TPA?

  1. Live experts answering questions via phone and email
  2. Flexibility & willingness to help
  3. On-site support and experience with Federal Drug testing process
  4. DOT random regulations and program support
  5. Support during audits
  6. Strong partnership and trust

Quote from Ashley

Appreciate the one-to-one relationship, and ability to call PDSS and talk to an expert whenever you need information. They are always willing to help. I have their direct lines, and they even answer after hours calls for urgent requests.

Ashley Myers
Director, Environmental, Health, and Safety

PDSS Solution

  1. Immediately tested the company’s employees from all over the state, in less than a week,  to bring the company’s testing program up to compliance,  
  2. Found alternative collection sites to facilitate testing of distributed workforce.
  3. PDSS coordinated the entire effort with minimal dependency on Parker Stockstill team.
  4. Within days they turned around a complete Policy and Procedure package.
  5. Worked directly with auditors to bring the company in compliance with the pipeline (PHMSA) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


Avoided losing a critical customer: Duke Energy. PDSS helped us retain this customer by standardizing procedures and bringing Parker Stockstill to NCMS compliance.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety policies were brought up-to-date, and Parker Stockstill avoided thousands in fines while saving their drivers from losing their CDLs.