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“I have worked with the Professional Drug Screening staff and Melanie Womble for over 25 years. The comprehensive drug-testing program developed by PDSS has saved us untold millions in damages, on-the-job injuries, unemployment fraud, and has been instrumental in avoiding litigation. Melanie and her team are knowledgeable and experienced. With their support, we do not have to spend valuable time worrying about our drug testing program.”
Mary Jo Farmer
Former EEO & Safety Compliance Officer, PLT Construction and GetsCo
"We trust that PDSS will always steer our members wisely. It’s hard to beat Melanie Womble with her many years of experience in the industry, and her front-line perspective from decades as a nurse. Melanie and her team provide solid and compliant guidance."
Kevin W. von der Lippe
Manager, Catapult’s (formerly CAI) Background Checking Department
"Our company appreciates the one-to-one relationship, and ability to call PDSS and speak with an expert whenever you need information. They are always willing to help. I have their direct lines, and they even answer after hours calls for urgent requests."
Ashley Myers
Director, Environmental, Health, and Safety